Burning Love and Revenge!

Drastic changes to individual and corporate reputation. The issue of corporate reputation has come into focus yet again. It is interesting how everyone feels the need to talk about it continuously, as people always try to name new approaches so that the topic remains trendy. Whether we call it ‚employee branding‘ or ‚internal image building‘,…

Premium! Rule!

Ha most össze kellene foglalni ennek a tíz esztendőnek a legnagyobb, az üzleti élet egészét érintő hatását, akkor biztosan azt mondanánk üzletfejlesztési szempontból, hogy kétség kívül kialakult az igazi „prémium” és megjelent az igazi „tömeg”.

5 Steps for an International Expansion!

Two years ago, I accepted the offer of Mentors & Partners Group’s CEO because I found his opinion exciting. He firmly believed that Hungarian companies had tremendous potential and specialised knowledge that would make them successful in the international market. So it was an easy choice to accept the invitation to put every Hungarian company…

Because constant development is the best thing there is!

It wasn’t easy for me to put pen to paper this time, as I genuinely condemn self-advertisement in the business development field. Instead of the writings simply called ‘mushy PR‘ by the media expert who I respect the most, actual results are the most telling for a professional about the things that matter. At least that is what I believe. But there is a recurring demand by our partners who are proud of the processes taking place at their own companies, and there is a growing interest from potential clients about our professional ideas on this topic, so much so that it behoved us to share them in our magazine of business development.

Handshake or Punch?

Two generations have puzzled the Hungarian and international labour markets as well as the business world in recent years, both in terms of understanding and managing them: ‘Diplomats‘, defined as Individual 1 in the RISE system, born between 1973 and 1984, and the Ruler 3 generation, a.k.a. the ‘Ambitionists‘, born between 1985 and 1996. These generations are not merely a challenge anymore but are the key to progress and an essential element of survival.

Matthias Corvinus and the Wise Girl

Fluctuation was always a success-determining factor of business life, but it was never as critical as it has been in the last 8-10 years. Naturally, this change is the consequence of several significant coefficients of the labour market. However, before we start analysing fluctuation as a phenomenon in order to find techniques and solutions, we have an important obligation: we must forget all clichés and generalisations about people, as the most significant reason behind worsening fluctuation is that we like to pigeonhole people.

How International Expansions Solve HR Problems

No matter the industry, your company’s presence on the international market is an increasingly essential tool for employee recruitment, motivation, development, and retention. This need is driven by the younger generations, who view an international career as a given in a globalised economy. But this expectation cannot be met by mere technicalities; true internationality is a status that has to be backed up by real content.


Egyre többször lehet olvasni a prémium termékek és szolgáltatások jelentőségéről , arról viszont már kevesebben értekeznek, hogy a prémiumon belül is léteznek különböző „szintek”. Mondhatjuk azt, hogy a csúcskategóriát ezek közül a „unique expertise” köré csoportosítható szolgáltatások jelentik. Többek között erről is kérdeztük Földi Tamás IT technology strategist-et, a Starschema CEO-ját.

35% of the Pie: 3 Challenges In Business Development

Mi a közös a biztosító, a gyógyszeripar és az IT gazdaságban? Egészen fura a kérdés, hiszen alapvetően üzleti szempontból ezek a gazdasági szektorok nem tűnnek túl közelinek egymáshoz! Ha azonban ezt a három szektort üzletfejlesztési perspektívából szemléljük, akkor elmondhatjuk, hogy mindegyik ugyanazzal az alapvető kihívással küzd: nem találják a megfelelő receptet a generációs átalakulás okozta üzleti kihívás megoldására.

Umbracing Unconventional Data Sources

There are some things that Europeans will never understand about America, such as its obsession with the Kardashians, just as Americans will never understand Europe’s obsession with the Eurovision Song Contest. Before I moved to Europe, I only knew a few things about Eurovision: each year, vocalists representing their countries sing bombastic songs on the international stage, and after several rounds of voting, a winner is declared that inevitably creates controversy.