International Expansion.

The most popular business branch of Mentors & Partners Group supports the international market entry of domestic companies and the market entry of foreign companies in Hungary. Mentors & Partners Group strives to provide tailor-made solutions in every area. This is also the case when entering the international market.

Professional publications

Burning Love and Revenge!

The issue of corporate reputation has come into focus yet again. It is interesting how everyone feels the need to talk about it continuously, as people always try to name new approaches so that the topic remains trendy. Whether we call it ’employee branding’ or ‘internal image building’, the point is the same: we have to deal with how people who influence the development of our company think about us and our business. That’s a fact, but as a true business developer, I need to correct that sentence immediately: a smart business owner should focus only on the opinions of people who truly influence the current and future development of the company!


Recent development programmes focus on doubt. At first, it sounds strange to suggest and build a training programme in both leadership and employee environments based on this topic, but recent experience has shown that these are critical issues for the further development of both domestic and international companies.