As a leading business development firm, Mentors & Partners Group offers a unique and complex array of organisational development solutions for our partners. For international companies, M&P primarily provides organisational development, recruitment/headhunting, and market research solutions; we also provide management, sales, and teambuilding trainings. For Hungarian-owned companies, we offer complex, unique “business mentoring” programmes, a term we coined 11 years ago to represent our comprehensive approach that has since ensured the success of several domestic companies. We do not merely “provide consultation” or produce nice-looking strategic documents, we also implement our business development programmes that directly support the development of our partners. This complex, process-based thinking sets us apart from other domestic business development firms and guarantees that we fulfil our responsibility to our business development to produce results and achieve success.

Today, the programme is designed and managed by a team of 108 professionals: international economic analysts, market researchers, business strategists, expansion experts, generational/sociological/social researchers, and communication specialists that cover graphic design, public relations, brand-building, Google, and social media. This team of professionals supports the work of the lead mentor and assigned consultants. When developing our partners, we can focus on a specific business development challenge or manage complex processes as well; the direction we move is based on the particular needs of the partners. Our guiding principle is “deeply understand people”, which is always at the heart of our development projects. No matter the area of development, defining people’s decision-making mechanisms and knowing the motivations behind their thoughts and actions are the building blocks of success. That is why the Mentors & Partners Group is an exclusive official partner of RISE, an internationally unique decision-making analysis system. RISE is an indispensable organisational development tool for the world’s leading financial, energy, media, IT, pharmaceutical, and FMCG companies; world-famous startups and market leaders also use RISE.

We laid the foundations of the Mentors & Partners Group in 2001. Our founders became strategic leaders of international companies at very young ages, where they launched new business ventures and developed existing business areas in 21 countries on 4 continents. Hungary has always occupied a special place for development projects, partly due to my Hungarian origin, and partly because Hungary is a frequent test market for new products and systems. We developed and applied several methods and ventures in Hungary that were later successfully applied abroad. One such venture was when one of the largest Hungarian media franchises came under my control. Its strong presence in 52 cities posed a serious challenge. From today’s perspective, I can say that it provided a solid foundation for my business development knowledge. Under our strategic management, we built and managed 47 new products and 102 organisational development projects. We received background support from a British business mentor who guided us throughout this period. He taught me the business development profession during projects in areas that were new for me, and his mentorship was directly responsible for my success. M&P owes its successful launch to this intensive experience. While working in an international business strategic position, we have received more and more requests from external partners to develop specific business areas and solve their business challenges. It was clear to us that if we wanted to work in the long term while obtaining unquestionable results, our only path was business mentoring. Thus, in the first period, we began collaborations as private mentors. In the meantime, we have intensively built the professional team in the background so that we can perform the private mentoring work at an even higher level.

In 2008, we launched our first “business mentoring” programme. At that time, we already had such a professional background that we could ensure the successful management of a complex business development project. Over the last 12 years, we have built, managed, and succeeded in more than 1,000 distinct business development projects. By 2020, we have become the largest business developer in Hungary in terms of revenue, which is a clear indicator of the trust of our partners. We are proud that our private mentoring relationships — both international and domestic — are ongoing and have been operating without interruption since their inception; our “oldest partnership” will be twenty years old next year. In every case, our business mentoring collaborations were extended by the clients after the first year. Moreover, following said extensions, we received new assignments from our partners for strategic consulting work. We do not just say it, but we are deeply committed to the satisfaction and success of our partners, and whoever does not share this ideology cannot be part of Mentors & Partners Group. Although we show significant revenue growth, the increase in our number of partners is intentionally more modest. That is because our growth is directly tied to the success of our partners: as they develop intensively, they request more and more business development work. For us, this is the foundation of real development!

A business development firm has a serious role and responsibility during COVID. In such cases, there is an increased focus on the areas of analysis, the examination of consumer groups, and the definition of changes that have occurred and are expected in the decision-making mechanisms of decision-makers. This is a serious investment period for a premium business development firm if you want to see a partner victorious at the beginning, middle, and end of the economic crisis. The independent market research and analysis department of Mentors & Partners Group has been working very intensively since January 2020 to develop the appropriate tools and methodologies based on the information necessary for successful business and organisational development. The first phase of the crisis is over, and it is important for us that all our partners, whether they are involved in a complex business mentoring programme or are focusing on one strategic consulting area, have successfully emerged from the first period of the market situation caused by the global pandemic. The market is changing drastically; new aspects of decision-making have emerged, which is why there are and will be new HR challenges, sales methods, and communication solutions. Mentors & Partners Group’s team of domestic and international professionals are prepared to find the best solutions to ensure the success of our partners.

Palencsár Miklós