Mentors & Partners Group is a major player in the business development sector. The company started its operations in 2001, and we have successfully completed 484 business development projects since. Mentors & Partners Group contributes to its partners’ development projects with strategic consulting and business mentoring services, management and sales development programmes, recruitment activities, the management of foreign market entry processes, and brand and image management. Over the past 17 years, our clients have included the international headquarters of multinational companies, Hungarian headquarters of international companies, large Hungarian corporations, SMEs, and micro enterprises. Some of our clients are active in the education sector, including foreign private secondary schools and universities, as well as Hungarian higher education institutions. Our methods have also been successfully implemented in sports; we have carried out development projects with foreign national teams and clubs, as well as Hungarian national teams and clubs. As a result, we entered 2018 with a comprehensive understanding of how an enterprise, a manager, a freshly graduated specialist, or an athlete can become the most successful in their field, both in Hungary and abroad.