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Brand and image management

One of the core business units of Mentors and Partners, this team has significantly contributed to the success of our business development projects. Mentors and Partners has a team of creative, communications, and social media specialists with members from 11 countries. In the past 17 years, this team has worked on the image of international centres, various branding projects, and the concept and creative design of the events of Hungarian and foreign companies. They have proudly delivered internationally recognised design solutions for magazines, brands, and corporate information materials, and have built the social media backgrounds of over 140 clients. Currently, they provide comprehensive creative and media agency services, which is also based on the knowledge on decision-making processes accumulated in the RISE system. Capitalising on the RISE system, Mentors and Partners creates corporate image elements (logo, design, slogan, etc.), concepts, sales support materials, product designs, webdesigns, and various communications that are pivotal during the image-building of a businessperson or company.  Moreover, our increasingly crucial social media management solutions directly address the target group the client is trying to reach, and can actually influence the decision-making process of the target group, ensuring that communication activities improve our partners’ results.

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