Relying on the advantages of the RISE system, Mentors & Partners Group fully exploits market opportunities to provide organisational development services to its partners, including recruiting a new, educated, and reliable workforce. In markets struggling with a labour shortage, Mentors & Partners Group provides a recruitment process to its partners that is always successful due to its special profile-building, search, advertising, and interviewing solutions. Due to the current market situation, recruitment has recently become an independent business unit at Mentors & Partners Group. So far, we have filled 114 positions successfully at our partners’ organisations, finding suitable candidates at all organisational levels, from first-time managers to top-level executives. The Mentors & Partners Group recruitment team manages this complex process and provides support during its various phases.


In order for a company to develop, it is essential to bring in new people, fresh energy, and new ways of thinking at carefully planned intervals. If the company employs the RISE behaviour-based approach to motivate its employees, create products or define its business strategy, this HR process is straightforward. The customer’s specific requirements, expressed in terms of personality types, can easily be met by using RISE selection. Using the desired and undesirable personality types, the RISE HR team can take over the entire recruitment and selection process.

If the customer is using RISE methodology for the first time, the process is very similar to what is outlined above. The only difference is that when creating the desired profile, the customers’ requirements are translated into RISE language. In this way, potential contradictions in expectations can be clarified, and concrete ideas about future employees will be developed. There are some common mistakes customers make when defining their requirements, for instance, searching for someone who is both creative and precise at the same time. It would take a huge amount of effort for a creative person to be precise, and people who are fundamentally precise are not usually very creative. These are two completely opposite personality types, after all.


  • Creating a candidate profile (translating customer requirements into RISE language)
  • Creating personality-based advertisements
  • Sifting of applications (based on RISE’ external features analysis, identifying the primary personality type based on the CV)
  • Interviews with candidates who have the appropriate personality type
  • RISE’ testing of potential candidates (determining mask and modified personality types)
  • Determining a specific, 3-pole profile
  • Professional opinions and suggestions relating to the suitable candidate
  • Professional opinions on the motivation system for the new employee