Traditionally, consulting companies considered the process of helping managers to become idols, thereby enabling them to attract and retain young talent, as a part of strategic management. But in the last 4-5 years, this part of business development has become an independent specialty following significant changes to the labour market. Today, we must create specialised programmes to develop idols and to help them manage their talent.  For today’s market situation, in which the companies fight for the most talented young employees, Mentors & Partners Group has an exact, effective solution — a unique leadership programme. The fundamentals of the idol management programme come from the US – the land of idolism – which we complement with Mentors & Partners Group’s proprietary generational research and the RISE System. RISE is a valuable tool for our business partners because it identifies the personalities and decision-making mechanisms of idols and talents alike.

Idol management begins with an assessment that measures the leadership team’s ‘Idol Index’, which demonstrates a given manager’s potential for becoming and remaining an idol in the talents’ eyes. Following the assessment, we construct an ‘Idol Map’ that shows how each member of the leadership team compares to one another. Based on the information contained in the Idol Map, we develop a customised idol management programme for the business partner that consists of additional trainings, workshops, and private mentoring to complement the regular leadership management development programme.

Available Programmes:

  • Create an Idol Map
  • 3-month basic development
  • 6-month development
  • 12-month complex development



Mentors & Partners Group provides multifaceted support to our partners while they incorporate our talent management program. The key feature of Mentors & Partners Group’s talent management programme that it goes far beyond the traditional career and income planning that most companies call talent management. The Mentors & Partners Group talent management programme puts the talent into a complex motivational system that manages the professional and personal development of the talent, which encourages them to remain at the company, inspires them to achieve bigger goals, and helps the company to recoup their talent investment faster. At Mentors & Partners Group, we have built 22 talent management programmes for our partners over the last few years.

Our business partners that use complex talent management programmes enjoy a level of stability and safety that is rare in the current market. That is because these companies develop and retain their young employees, meaning they can rely on their talent for the long-term, which keeps them from being exposed to negative market effects of the current labour shortage.

Available Programmes:

  • Review the business partner’s current talent management programme
  • 3-month basic talent management programme
  • 6-month talent management programme
  • 12-month complex talent management programme