Business mentoring does focus not only on the domestic market but also on opportunities for entering the international market. In every case, we design business development programmes to prepare the partner for later international expansion. The international aspects of the programme are carried out by the International Expansion Team. The Team consists of foreign consultants, analysts, negotiation specialists, and social media professionals. Their main task is to find the most suitable foreign market environments for our partners’ products and services, and then to support entry into said markets. This work provides a multifaceted solution for partners that decide to expand, including: creating an international business strategy, developing product concepts that can be successful overseas, building the necessary company and product/service branding, designing a creative sales strategy, assembling and training an international sales team, and performing high-level lead generation and strategic negotiation. The professionals have distinct ‘native-level’ knowledge in the given environments, which is essential for the successful entry of Hungarian products into the international business arena.