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RISE system

Our development projects utilise our unique, global market-leading system that we developed to identify decision-making processes. Analyses conducted with the RISE system—Ruler, Individual, Supporter, Expert—have identified the decision-making methods of 644,000 individuals, using 4 main personality types, 12 subtypes, and 8,640 individual personality type combinations. The greatest advantage of the RISE system, as compared to other systems used in the business sector and in sports, is that it differentiates between the “original” personality and the modified “current” personality of the individual when it defines the expected decision-making process, reactions, and behaviour in crisis situations. Based on the nearly 100-year-old Marston behaviour assessment system, RISE uses a special identification process to reveal the true personality of the individual being assessed, which shows the individual how to be successful and live their life to the fullest.

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