This business unit has one of the longest track records at Mentors & Partners Group. In Mentors & Partners’s Group philosophy, there are no simple one-, two- or multiple-day trainings. We devise development programmes: specific trainings are obviously essential, but equally important for a programme’s success are: pre-training individual and team evaluations with the RISE system, market analyses, and post-training follow-up sessions. We only provide trainings in areas where we have actual professional experience, which means that we work with professional consultants, not with trainers. Our current development programmes focus on management, sales, and team-building. As we can now build on the experience of over 500 trainings and rely on our commercial creative team, our trainings provide comprehensive professional knowledge to the participants. For the participants’ development processes, we consider their personalities, which we place on a team behaviour map. We also define the personalities of the market’s main decision-makers, and we take current market trends into account to ensure that the teams can immediately implement this knowledge and improve their results.