Mentors & Partners Group has unique training systems. It is crucial for us that a given development programme does not generally train a particular employee, manager, sales specialist, but to provide them with specific knowledge that can be used immediately in the current economic environment. The main profile of our company is business development, which is why our trainings always provide the participants with complex market and specific economic knowledge, helping the training itself not to be a predictable distraction, but a purposeful, interactive workshop without useless information.

If we are facing new challenges on the business development side that greatly hinder the development of a company, we build unique programmes to eliminate these challenges. As a result, from time to time, we develop new special development programmes to manage the most current business phenomena.

Recent development programmes focus on doubt. At first, it sounds strange to suggest and build a training programme in both leadership and employee environments based on this topic, but recent experience has shown that these are critical issues for the further development of both domestic and international companies. We know very well that there are certain types of personalities that are the engines of development,  types that sometimes hinder any new path, and others who are neutral about the progress of the company or setting new goals. Right now, and for the next 10 years, the continuous development of companies has become critical. For domestic firms, this could mean an international breakthrough, and for multinationals, leaving behind the traditional hard-moving mammoth organisation to move towards a new, agile, start-up-like direction. But even the best business goals are useless if key people in the organisation, as well as the employees of the organisation, are not behind the drivers of change. There are always doubts about change and development that stem from our personalities, but we always try to find specific reasons and excuses for them.

Our DOUBT / NO DOUBT training prepares participants for change and development by defining and managing doubts.